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Kendra Black for City Council

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I believe in balanced, commonsense solutions and collaboration with residents, neighborhoods, business owners and employees, and city staff to plan for Denver's future. Working together, we can ensure that Denver continues on its trajectory to become a world-class city for everyone. As I complete my term – and if I am fortunate enough to earn your vote again – I will continue to:

Since 2015, my team and I have worked hard for southeast Denver, focusing on the issues I ran on – planning, mobility and assisting? our seniors – as well as the goals that my constituents have brought to the forefront.  Through visioning, planning and engagement, residents can have a voice as to what happens in southeast Denver, which will hopefully result in the preservation of what we love most – our neighborhoods and parks – and the improvements that residents desire: safety, mobility, restaurants, retail and more.  By being proactive, the community’s vision can influence future change and development.


My accomplishments include:

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